Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Friday, my Belles!

Adorable Foxy Ornaments from Target

We love Black Friday in our house.  I mean, like, A LOT.  Erik and I discuss and prepare for Black Friday like Generals going into battle.  We stalk, our favorite Black Friday site, starting in September.  We pour over the ads for our favorite stores, make notes about what time each one opens and which order we need to visit each store.

In the end, we usually end up getting a few DVDs, some socks, underwear, and maybe a couple of video games.  :)  We seem hardcore, but mostly we're in it for two things:

  1. The Planning
  2. The Experience
I count Black Friday as one of our shared interests.  We just have a good time thinking it out and planning together, deciding what to go after, where to go first, second, third. 

The past couple of years have gotten more complex.  Now, rather than just figuring out how early you're getting up, you have to decide if you're going to STAY up and go all night... or what?!

Our Plan:  Black Friday 2012 --

Thursday night:
  • Hit the Michael's sale.  The Thursday ad was actually better than the Friday ad this year!
  • Try to score a 50" LCD tv from K-marche

Friday morning:
  • Best Buy - DVDs and possibly video games
  • Target - DVDs and whatever strikes our fancy
  • Walmart - DVDs and whatever strikes our fancy
  • Fred Meyer - Dutch Oven, Video Games, Xmas decor

Friday night:
  • JoAnn's - jewelry making stuffs!

We were mostly successful.  No 50" tv found its way home with us, but we did drag Erik's mom, Kim, out into the fray for the first time.  She'd never done a Black Friday style line-up, so that was new and exciting.

The ladies in line at K-mart were cuh-ray-zay!  They were in line for JAMMIES and lord help you if you got in their way!  One tapped me on the shoulder to let me know she had been told to mow people over for $4.50 Jammies.  Duly noted, and we kept clear of her Crazy Pants.

As we filed into the store, this family shoved their teenage daughter ahead of us in line.  She had a hooded sweatshirt with her last name printed on the back, "RICE".  The Crazy Jammie Ladies started screaming, "RICE!!  No cuts!!  Get to the back of the line!!  We see you, RICE!!!"  They were a little scary.

Friday morning, we hit Best Buy, Target and Walmart.  Fred Meyer was kind of an afterthought, but turned out really well.  No one had the video games we wanted on sale, but FM had 20% off ALL video games until 11:00 am.  SCORE!!

I also picked up my new Dutch Oven at Fred Meyer.  We've needed one of those for years!

All in all, a successful day and lots of fun with my sweetie.  :)

All of our loot!

Hope you had just as much fun as we did!  Happy Thanksgiving!



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