Thursday, November 15, 2012

Walmart Finds for Bitty Boys

We typically hit up Walmart for all those random items we need in life.  Spray paint, Scotch tape, Scented Candles (you know, the necessities).  We don't typically shop the clothing section, but sometimes something just reaches out and smacks you in the face.

We hosted a Murder Mystery party at our friend Alex's house a few weeks ago.  Before the party, we stopped by Walmart for a few last minute things.  We were transitioning from Ziploc baggies to shot glasses, when we both - simultaneously - serendipitously - caught sight of the cutest little boy outfits!

As Erik said, "Hey, look at the ---," I saw it and actually squealed out loud.

"Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!  ZOMG!!  So cute!!!  EEeeeeeeeeeee!"

It was this adorable print that caught us both by surprise.  "OMG, Javan NEEDS this!" I told Erik.  (Javan is our adorable nephew.  Javan needs all cute little boy things.)

Then I realized they were outfits.  Mix and Match!  It was Garanimals brand!  So cute!  We put together these outfits for Little J.

It has a built in thermal for winter!  Too cute!!

And this one.  How adorable are these guys?

I am IN LOVE!  They are adorable!  So much personality.  Plus it's Walmart, so they're all really reasonably priced.

We can't wait to get them to Javan.  Hope his mom loves them as much as we do.  :)



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