Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Roo Man Choo

Well hello!

This is the sweet face that greets me every morning; my Rusty Roo Man.  The Foo Man Choo.  Rusty has many names and many aliases.  Roofus.  Red Manuel.  Foofy.

Perhaps his most sneaky alias is Rustifer "Bill" Jones, Insurance Agent.  We're absolutely certain that when we head off to work, he heads to the office too.  Briefcase in his mouth, business cards at the ready, Rusty is off for a day of hard work in the insurance game.

 He's smart and crazy and lovable and great.   He always wants to be a part of the action; he loves adventure!

He's fast.  If you have a tennis ball, he will get it!  He's a speed demon and goes careening around the yard at the speed of light.

He's the fanciest dog you'll ever meet.  If you have a pearl necklace -- he wants to wear it.  If you have a princess hat -- he wants to wear it.  A collar?  He wants it!  He'll sit in front of you and duck his head, as if saying, "Put it on me!  PUT IT ON ME!!"

He's always ready for a new experience.  If you've got his collar and leash, he will follow you anywhere.  Love my Red Man!



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