Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Today's the day!  

Who DOESN'T need a political plush, right?  I think they would look great on my couch.  One on each arm, you know, so they don't rumble.

We saw these guys in a big claw machine at Walmart.  I know, I know, nobody likes Walmart.  It's the Evil Empire.  Run away screaming!!  We usually go for something we need (spray paint -- stay tuned for that DIY project), and stay for the weirdness.

(Political Plush definitely equates to weirdness in my book.  Fabulous, fabulous weirdness.)

But sometimes Walmart surprises me.  We found a ton of cute things on this trip.  I'll update soon with all our great finds.

But for today, make sure your vote counts!  Get out there, kiddos, and ROCK THE VOTE!  



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