Monday, November 19, 2012

Early Thanksgiving with the Fam

Since my family is going in all different directions for Thanksgiving, this year, we decided to meet up a few days early for a big meal all together.

We only live a few hours apart, but with everyone's schedules it's so hard to get together.  It seems like the kids are always two feet taller than the last time we saw them.

Miss Lindsay is the funniest girl.  She's the definition of goofy and wacky, rolled into one.

Javan "Mr. Swoop" is one month away from being 2 Years Old!  He's going to get his first real haircut on his birthday.  Until then, he's rockin' the Swoop!

After Dinner Play Time
I'm not sure what the game was this time.  It's usually princesses or ponies or something equally girly.

I'm thankful for my family and so glad we were able to all get together for Thanksgiving.  Hope your T-Day is just as wonderful!



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