Thursday, November 08, 2012

Do Yourself A Favor: Fig Preserves

If you've never tried fig preserves, Do Yourself A Favor and get some -- STAT!  OMG, they're so good!

We try to eat pretty low fat/low cal.  A bunch of my healthy cookbooks listed Fig Preserves as a recipe ingredient.  I LOVE FIGS!!!  Clearly, this was a sign.

Figs and I began our love affair a few years ago in Paris.  There's a drug store on the Champs-Élysées called Publicis.  They're practically at the foot of the Arc de Triumph and open 24 hours.  They have the most wonderful, creamy yogurts, yummy cheeses, fresh baguettes, delicious chocolate, and Fig Tarts.

There's nothing better than a dinner of French yogurt and baguette, with Fig Tart for dessert.

Little Piece of Heaven

Finding Fig Preserves locally proved to be more challenging than you'd think.  We finally snared some at Central Market in Mill Creek.  I was giddy!  Apparently, just because you can eat it straight out of the jar doesn't mean you should though.  (That's what Erik said when he caught me dipping a spoon into the jar.  Killjoy.)

Since I'm horrible at waiting for dinner to try out a recipe, I decided to come up with a sandwich featuring my yummy treat:

Ham & Cheese w/ Fig Preserves

This is what I used:

* Cracked Wheat Sourdough
* Smoked Ham
* Baby Swiss
* Dalmatia Fig Preserves

Spread the fig preserves GENEROUSLY on both slices of bread.  Don't mess around with this.  It's the best part.  :)

Add two slices of Swiss and a couple handfuls of Ham.

Smoosh both sides together.  Cut in half...

...and ENJOY!  YUM!!!  :)



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