Friday, November 30, 2012

Sheila Bear Bakery

Sheila had been acting a little "off" since March, but we discounted it as various different things.  In May, she had a trip to the vet for some blood tests.  She has Cushing's Disease and has to have her different levels tested every six months.

While we were there, we told them that she'd been having some problems with her leg/foot.  She'd been limping a little off and on.  Her foot was a little swollen then, but they just assumed it had somehow gotten infected.

We were sent home with the first round of meds.

Her foot didn't get better.  Summer came and went.  She had to have surgery to remove a salivary gland, and still the toe didn't get better.  The X-rays looked ok though, and the cultures didn't give anything away.

Finally, in September, we did another culture and they realized it was cancer.  In her sweet little puppy toe.

We took her in for surgery.

Look at your hand.  Look at your middle finger.   See how there are 3 digits?  The tip with the nail, the middle section, and the end that attaches to your hand.  Dogs have a similar set-up.

Sheila had the tip/nail digit removed.  They sent it out to the lab.  It was verified as cancerous, but they believe they got it all!  Whew!

Poor little thing was bandaged in a cone for about a month while it healed completely, but she is doing great now!  :)

Our vets are really wonderful.  We so appreciate the care they show our dogs.  In appreciation, we made them two dozen cupcakes.  Erik designed this cool label for the box:

Way cool, right?  :)  I absolutely love it!



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