Saturday, December 01, 2012

Christmas Experience Wish List

Can you believe it's already December?!  I'm so excited for all of the special ~*~Experiences~*~ we plan for this time of year.  There are a few things we do almost every year, but I've found a few new things I can't wait to do too!

  • Visit Downtown Seattle - We always start at Westlake Center.  I get sushi from Sarku.  Erik gets whatever tickles his fancy.  Then we check out the Christmas Tree and Carousel, decked out for Christmas, and swing around to see the Bon Star.

Then it's up the street to Pacific Place.  It's a lovely, new three-story mall that hosts a nightly, indoor celebration with SNOW!!!  It snows in the mall!  So cool.  :)

Our third stop downtown, is the Sheraton to visit their Gingerbread Village.  It's always AMAZING.  The theme this year they have a storybook theme, "Once Upon a Time".  I'm so excited to see this!!!  Here's one of their houses from last year.

On another weekend, we head across Lake Washington and...

  • Visit Bellevue Square:  We usually start out with dinner at Greek Kitchen.  Then shop around until it's time for the Snowflake Lane performance.

There are hundreds of drummers and dozens of other performers who take to the streets with music, lights and projections on the buildings.  It's so fun and festive, we plan to go every year.

  • Candy Cane Lane:  This is an old neighborhood in Seattle that has been going all out for the holidays since the 1940s.  There was a neighborhood challenge back then, and they have carried on the decorating tradition every since.  It's a fun and quick drive around their loop to visit the light displays.

This year, I have a new one I really want to add to our list.  We've never done it before!

How amazing does that look?!  I can't wait to check it out in person!

So that's my list.  What are you planning this season?  



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