Monday, December 17, 2012

Animals in Lights!

Lovely Jellyfish Float in the Indoor Aquarium

We had a great time at Bellevue Botanical Garden's "Garden d'Lights" over the weekend.  I want to share some of the animals light displays this morning.  They were phenomenal!

An adorable Farmer Bunny with all his carrot crops.

I'm always a sucker for mushrooms.  Do you think I could raise a crop of these in the backyard?

 Mr. Sea Turtle was hiding behind the bushes.  I practically had to do a head-stand to get this shot, and he's still obscured!

Soaring butterflies and flowers.

This one is so impressive!  Someone burned some seriouos calories figuring out how to represent a parrot in lights.  He was perched up high in a tree too, so you really had to look to find him.

...and ending with Nessie!  The Loch Ness Monster was lurking in a little river at the side of the path!  Too cute, love her little tongue.  



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