Friday, December 14, 2012

D&G Love

With New Year's Eve coming, there are so many pretty party dresses out there.  I actually gasped out loud when I saw this Dolce & Gabbana dress.  It is absolutely gorgeous, feminine and just POPS with magic!  

When it comes to designers, Dolce & Gabbana is one of my consistant favorites.  It started in Paris, of course, where all true love blossoms.

We were strolling through the Latin Quarter and a girl passed.  A scent lingered in the air.  What is it?  What IS it???

Later in the Metro, another girl passes and sits nearby.  That same scent!  What it is it!?  

Wherever we went in Paris, the same scent!  It was like every girl in the city conspired together to wear this lovely perfume.

It's spices, juniper berries, bergamot, pink pepper, cardamom, birch leaf, iris root, wood and musk.  It's intriguing and sexy.  It's autumn in Paris. 

I came home to Seattle and sniffed every scent I could find.  Every one.  Nothing was exactly right.  Months passed and I couldn't find it.  

Then one day, there was a commercial on tv for the "new" Dolce and Gabanna scents.  Straight from Paris.  I made a beeline for Macy's to check them out.  

They were numbered:  
1 Le Bateleur / The Seducer
3 L’Imperatrice / The Star
6 L’Amoureux / The Charmer
10 La Roue de la Fortune / The Players
18 La Lune / The Dreamer

I started with 1 and sniffed my way down the line.  1... no... 3... no... 6... 6!!!  OMG it's number 6!!!!!!!

I sniffed 10 and 18 just to make sure, but came right back to 6.  Then I ran to find Erik and tell him I found it.  I FOUND IT!!!  I found Paris in a bottle!!!!!!!  :)

It was Dolce & Gabbana Anthology:   L’Amoureux 6.  

I found it online at Amazon for a great price and never looked back.  

When I returned to Paris last year, I began to notice their print ads on buildings and buses.  I love everything about them!  This design is reminiscent of my wedding gown, but it's silhouette in black.  I adore it!

I love the light, airy feel of this dress.  It compliments and contrasts the more structured looks in this line.

And lastly, a stylish pantsuit.  I don't know about that see-through top, but the tailored pants are lovely.  Very 60s and mod in feel.

I absolutely LOVE this ad campaign.  It's like fashion eye candy.  I can't stop eating it up.



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