Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Fur Monsters Visit Santa

"The Fur Monsters Visit Santa".  It sounds like some deranged claymation holiday film, doesn't it?  Well, not quite, but close.

We were at Petco getting our nails done (since Mommy and Daddy aren't that great at wielding a dremmel with successful results), when we saw Santa!  He was just sitting there waiting to hear all about the the Squeakies and Bully Sticks everyone wanted for Christmas.

Sheila and Rusty weren't too sure about this set-up, but they'll typically oblige our whims, so it was on.

I warned Santa that Rusty Red Dog can be a little reactive to other dogs, small children, rocks, whatever... so keep a firm hand on him!  I stood on that side Just. In. Case.  I was ready to grab him if anything went down.

Sheila Sweet Blue Girl hopped up on Santa's other side like the good little princess she is.

What happened next, nobody saw coming.

The Photographer's Helper started jumping around trying to get the dogs' attention.  Then she grabbed a Squeaky and started squeezing it like her life depended on it.  Squeeeeekin!  Squeeeeeekin!!! Squeeekin!!!!

Sweet Blue Girl must have ALL squeakies.  ALL SQUEAKIES are belong to her.  This is not a point for discussion.  This is a fact.

Sheila's ears popped up as she zeroed in on the "squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekin" sound.  Her paw went down and her little doggie nails dug in, ready to propel herself toward the squeaker... right on poor Santa's Christmas Package.   He wasn't expecting Sweet Blue Girl to go crazy and wasn't ready to hold her tight, or remove her from his personal area.  I'm pretty sure I heard him go, "Oof!"

Sheila may not have gotten the Squeaky Ball, but I'm pretty sure she got Santa to squeak.  Poor Santa.

Merry Christmas from the Fur Monsters!



nancy said...

Looks like you caught that exact moment! Adorable! Merry Christmas to all of you!!

Linda Carson said...

I'm laughing so hard i'm crying!!!! Guess Santa was crying too!! Hope Sheila gets a new squeaky! Have a Merry Christmas!

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