Wednesday, December 12, 2012

White Elephant

Alex and his Popcorn Maker

Yesterday, I told you about the holiday cruise we all took on our little Jungle Cruise boat.  It wasn't just a fun cruise, seeing the pretty sites with friends.  Oh no-no-no!  We also had THE MOST FUN White Elephant gift exchange!

Miss Lisa and her fancy new hat
We didn't have any rules.  No set dollar amount.  No suggestions.  Just "bring a white elephant gift".

Jason sporting his new mustache collection
It was ridiculously fun and funny.  Some presents were cool, some were funny, some were useful, and some were just plain strange.

Erik and Bessie
If you're heading off to your own White Elephant exchange, the Starbucks gift pack was the most popular item at ours.  It was stolen twice, and almost a third time.

The best part was the laughs!  We laughed and laughed.  (Especially because everyone kept stealing from Kenda!  She probably opened six different gifts because hers kept being stolen!)  White Elephant is too much fun!



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