Saturday, December 08, 2012

Visiting the Christmas Gingerbread Village

Can you see Jasmine and Aladdin?
One of our Christmas Traditions is making a trip to visit the Gingerbread Village in the downtown Seattle Sheraton.  This year is their 20th Anniversary!  We're huge Disney fans, so we were pretty excited to find out the theme was Fairy Tales this year, and they would be featuring a slew of our favorite characters.

How fantastic are the little details?  I love all the flowers, mushrooms, the pearls on his jacket, the chain on his watch... all of it!

Alice teeters at the edge of the rabbit hole.  I love the floating cards and things falling down the rabbit hole behind her.

Ahhh Beauty and the Beast!!  :)  Belle will always be my favorite.   She was the first princess I ever identified with; a book worm and a brunette!

Princess Ariel and King Triton in their undersea gardens.  Using Rice Krispie Treats as coral -- too cool!

I love these gorgeous lit up crystals and all the vibrant little details.  So much color!  Check out the little crabs and starfish!  So cute!

...and we ended our tour with an All Time Baddie -- Ursula and her nasty little minions looks all menacing in the dark caves under Triton's Garden.

The Gingerbread Village is really amazing.  The details and artistry are absolutely fantastic.  If you're in the area, make time this Christmas to visit the Sheraton and take it all in.  There's nothing quite like it!



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