Thursday, December 06, 2012

Snow at Pacific Place

One of our Christmas traditions is to visit Pacific Place for the SNOW!  Pacific Place is a new-ish, 3-story mall in downtown Seattle.  During the Christmas season, they host a nightly, indoor music and snow show.

Before the snow, there's a live performance.  Typically, it's a school group, like this choir.  We've also seen school jazz bands perform, and one year there was a Trapeze Act visiting from Teatro Zinzanni!  Cool.

If you head up to the 3rd Floor, Pike Place Chowder has a little walk-up window where you can order to go, sit at their counter, or at tables nearby.  Erik got in line to order while I snagged a table near the railing, so we could sit and eat dinner in the falling snow.

Pike Place Chowder does great fish.  We shared an order of Salmon 'n Chips and Fish 'n Chips.  Crispy and good!  They make their own, super thick tartar sauce too.  Mmmm!  Erik always gets a bowl of clam chowder, and I get a bowl of mac 'n cheese.

I'm kind of a Mac 'n Cheese connoisseur. I can't get enough of the gooey golden stuff.  Pike Place Chowder does it perfectly.  The noodles are done just right and stirred with a mix of cheeses, with more, shredded cheese melting on top. Delicious!!!

We were settled in and enjoying dinner just as the snow started.  Everyone rushes to the railings to see it fall into the atrium below!  It's indoor magic.  :)  Love it!

Near the end, Santa comes down to greet the crowd and hand out candy canes.  What could be more fun?  :)



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