Monday, December 03, 2012

Carolla and Prager at the Paramount

Erik and I are both big Adam Carolla fans.  We remember him from Loveline with Dr. Drew, Crank Yankers, and his morning radio show.  He's been hosting his own podcast for the past few years, and I think we might possibly be his biggest fans!  I commute about 2 1/2 hours a day, and honestly, don't know how I would get through it without the podcast.  Adam is great.  Very smart, quick witted and able to speak off-the-cuff while injecting humor into his opinions.

Adam and Dennis Prager have been doing speaking dates around the country for the past few months.  As soon as I heard they were coming to Seattle, I dashed to the computer and got tickets.  

One of the best parts?  Not only did we get to see Adam, the show was at the Paramount Theatre!  It's our favorite.  Easily the most beautiful and luxurious in Seattle.  I just love all the old details of the building.

Adam and Dennis were great.  Adam was his usual, entertaining self.  Dennis' point of view is much more conservative than Adam's, mine, and really... most of Seattle's.  But I thought he did a good job of respecting an audience that almost absolutely disagreed with his political and social politics.  It was a tough room for him, but he was very respectful and recognized that most everyone in attendance was much, much more liberal than he.

We thoroughly enjoyed the evening.  It was absolutely worth the price of admission.  We may not 100% agree with Dennis Prager, but his arguments provided for lots of good discussion over the weekend.  All day Sunday, I kept coming back to things he'd said during the show.  Erik and I spent a lot of time discussing different points that he and Adam had made, and how we agree and disagree.

Even if we don't agree, it prompted discussion, and that's what really makes something worthwhile.  It was a good night!



Stefanie Eskander said...

Moving to New Jersey recently, I really miss Dennis Prager's radio show on my morning commute. He really is a thoughtful man. I probably agree with him more than you, but I always marvel at how evenhanded and logical his thoughts are. Sounds like it was a great show. I'd love to see them both together!

Amber said...

They were great! Dennis is truly very thoughtful and respectful. I appreciate his point of view and it sparked a ton of discussion! :) Thanks for commenting!! :)

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