Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas with Friends

This year, our group of friends decided to take an Electric Boat Company Christmas Cruise.  The Electric Boats are super fun!  They're like little Jungle Cruise boats, minus the track.  We got to roam freely around Lake Union in Seattle and take in the sites.

Erik hosted an Electric Company boat cruise for my birthday in September, and everybody had such a great time that we all decided to come back in December to see the Christmas lights on the lake.

There's Gasworks Park (above) and Captain Jason.  ;)  Last time, we all took turns captaining the vessel, but this time, Jason took the helm for the duration.

We scheduled our cruise from 4 - 6 pm so we could see a little of the lake during the day, and a little of the lake at night.  

It was so fun cruising past all the house boats, decorated for the holidays.

Private boats, and rentals alike are decorated for the season.  Our electric boat had all of the plastic windows zipped closed tight for the winter, creating a dreamy quality to all the photos.

Kenda and Jason pose during the cruise.  It was about 40 degrees out, but we were all comfortable in the heated boat with sweaters and blankets for everyone.

The Seattle skyline... always a beautiful way to end a fun evening with friends.



Shannon {ava_caitlyn} said...

Okay, so now I want to come to Seattle. It is beautiful!! I miss rain so much, as we live in the sunshine city...only rains about 6 times a year. :)

Amber J said...

It's not too fun for commuting, but otherwise I like the rain too. :) I even jog in the rain!

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