Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Seattle at Christmas

Christmas Decorations at Nordstrom
Erik and I love to visit Seattle during Christmas time to see all the pretty sites and decorations.  Usually, we start out at Westlake Center and take in the huge Christmas Tree.

The official tree lighting was a few days ago, but unfortunately, they're having electrical troubles and still haven't been able to keep it lit.  (Note:  The awesome crane in the forground.)  Give me $200, a couple of extension cords and I'd have this problem solved licketty-split!  

The Bon Star
 It's technically "The Macy's Star" now, but it'll always be The Bon Star to us.  It's been hanging in Seattle every Christmas for 55 years.  Westlake wouldn't be the same without it!

The carriages were all decorated with festive Christmas lights.

The Christmas Carousel is up and spinning.  So pretty!

We love popping into our favorite shops at Westlake Center.  (It's a three story mall in downtown Seattle.)  One of our favorite shops is Fireworks.  They have dozens and dozens of these colorful star lights. Beautiful!

A few cute ornaments at Fireworks.  My favorites are the little deer (who reminds me of my dog, Rusty) and the cool Robot!  They have so many neat ones, it's hard to pick!



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