Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snowflake Lane

One of our yearly Christmas Traditions is visiting Bellevue Square to see their Snowflake Lane celebration.  

The streets surrounding the mall are gorgeous!  All decked out in snowflakes and lights for the season.

The Snowflake Princess greets all of her subjects before the show.  Her really cool wand LIGHTS UP!  They were for sale; only a $1.  I almost came home with one.  Almost.  ;)  Every princess needs a snowflake wand!

This tin soldier girl was adorable!  She handed out suckers to everyone and would not be swayed when we said no thanks.  Suckers For Everyone!!!  She danced and bopped her way up and down the street for the entire show.

Love me some giant, stuffed polar bear!  This guy was a crazy dancer too.  Up and down the sidewalk for the duration of the show.  That's gotta be one sweaty bear at the end of the night!

The drumline sets the beat as they get into position for the show.

The buildings are lit up with a rainbow of lights and dancing snowflakes, as Christmas Carols play over the speakers.

Mr. Friendly Bear is back to hug and dance with all the little kids.  He was adorable, posing for pictures with everyone.

...and then the real magic began.  She clapped her hands and looked up in delight as...

Snow started to fall from the sky, even though it was about 45 degrees out... Hmmm... curious!  Must be magic!  :)

A friendly Mousie makes his way through the celebration, posing for pictures and giving hugs.

A girl drummer!  Too cool!  I took a few drum lessons as a kid, but was never good enough to be in a professional drum line.  Hooray for girl drummers!

Another delighted face can't believe it's really, really snowing!

As the celebration comes to a close, this elf rounds up the drumline, leading them her cute, furry suit.

...and they disappear out of site until next year.

Thank you to everyone at Snowflake Lane!  You have put on another wonderful show this Christmas.



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