Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Day

Miss Pretty Bear all decked out in her Christmas Finery
Erik's Mom, Kim, who is basically the most awesome woman I know, spent Christmas Day with us.  She's pretty much a bad ass, you guys.  I know shared with some people about how she confronted a burglar who was in the process of robbing her home, tackled him, then took off after him with a hay hook when he got away.  See?  Bad ass?  Did you doubt me?

She works, runs her little farm, and has a successful handmade jewelry business too.  She is an artist and her designs are gorgeous!

From what I understand, it's sort of unique to like your mother-in-law, but mine is pretty much awesome.  I love her.  On top of all that, she completely overwhelmed me on Christmas.

I've mentioned a few times when we were out shopping how much I love Gurgle Pots.  They're these fun fish-shaped pitchers that make a gurgling sound when you pour!  They're the funniest thing ever!  I first saw them a few years ago at a friend's bridal shower and have been lusting after them ever since.

On Christmas, she handed me a pretty white box with a gold ribbon.  I pulled off the ribbon, and inside...  my very own RED GURGLE POT!!!!  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHH!!

I took it straight to the sink and filled it up to listen to it gurgle.

I couldn't believe she remembered that I loved those Gurgle Pots!  She remembered!!  :)  

But that was not all... oh no no no!  There was more.  So much more!

I ripped into another package and found these adorable Mushroom Lamps!!

I mentioned on my blog a few weeks ago how cute they were!  I love them!!  Not only does she listen, she reads my blog.  I'm still not sure how she got them here in time for Christmas.  She must be magic.  :)

But that wasn't all either!  She makes beautiful Dia de los Muertos bracelets.  My next package was my very own red and black Dia bracelet!!  I love, love, love when she makes these and posts them for sale on etsy.  They're gorgeous!

But that wasn't even everything!  There was a another package with a pretty polka-dot shirt inside.  She has the same one, and I tell her how much I love it every time she wears it.  She got one for me too!  I adore it and wore it the very next day.

Honestly, it's really overwhelming to have someone pay so much attention to you, to love you that much.  So much that they listen, and pay attention, and want to make you happy.  I'm not used to it and it scares me a little.  Ok, it scares me a lot.  She really cares.

Erik says this is how family is.  We love each other and we don't stop.

Love you, Mom.



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