Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Risky Business

Kenda's Romantic Red
I'm fairly confident that none of my close friends read this blog... yet.  :)  At least I hope they don't because I'm going to totally ruin a surprise in mere seconds!  I can't help it.  I want to share.  :)

I've been getting into jewelry making lately!  Yay!  So fun!  Erik's mom, Kim, and I did a whole bunch of bead shopping on Thanksgiving, so I have a TON of pretty beads to play with.

This coming Sunday, we're planning the First Annual Holiday Boat Cruise with our friends.  There are 10 of us that like to get together regularly.  For Christmas, we're doing a boat cruise on Lake Union.  Super psyched!

It's going to be way fun.  We're having an Ugly Sweater Contest, a White Elephant Exchange, Food, Booze, Party Lights... what's not to like?  

Anyway, I wanted to make gifts for my best girls.  These are the friends who have always been super-involved.  Helped out with our wedding, and are basically just great to spend time with.  So I wanted to make them something.

I just started playing with beads, so I decided it was best to start small:  Bracelets!

I love the way they turned out!  Each bracelet is specific to each girl and significant in some way.

Jen's Lucky Green

Green is for Jen.  It's her favorite color.  It's lucky.  I'm lucky she's my friend.  She's fun and crazy.  She'll do anything once.

(Far Right)  Allie's Playful Blue

Romantic Red is for Kenda.  She and Jason (who is like a brother to us) are currently planning their wedding.  Kenda loves reds and romance, so this one is for her!

Playful Blue is for Allie.  Allie's a big Disney fan.  You can find her and her husband visiting the parks dozens of times a year (and we don't even live in California!!!).

I still need to make one more.  I want it to be Sunshine Yellow for Lisa (my little sister-in-law).  Lisa's adorable.  Happy, shiny and friendly to everyone.  

I realized last night that I have ZERO yellow beads.  ZERO.  How did this happen!?  Not sure what I'll end up doing for her... but the goal is Sunshine to represent her sunny disposition.

Now, let's just hope none of my girls are surfing this blog and all will be well.  ;)



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