Thursday, January 03, 2013

A Hunger Games Birthday Party

Cutest Effie Trinket Ever!
Our niece Serah turned 15 this week!  She and her mom, Brianne, decided to host a "Girls Only" Hunger Games themed birthday party at The Dollhouse Tearoom in Milwaukie, OR.  We had the BEST time!  :)
You can come in your own costume, or borrow one of the costumes they have at the tearoom.  They have lots and lots of tulle and Princess costumes for the little ones, and fun princess and prom gowns for bigger (grown-up) girls.

Our little niece, Lindsay, tried on and subsequently rejected 4 different princess gowns before settling on this white "wedding gown".

Since it was a Hunger Games party, Serah and her friends all brought their own costumes, but the rest of us grabbed something fun from the costume room.  

Lindsay and Auntie Liz with some cool Mardi Gras masks!  Auntie Liz was a SPORT!  She wore a fancy 80s prom dress for the occasion.  She was fantastic!

Even little Miss Brooklyn (Serah and Lindsay's cousin)  got dressed up in a tutu for the party!  

All dressed up and ready to party!
Left to Right:  Effie Trinket, Clove, Capitol Citizen, Katniss, Primrose
Front:  Our little Bride  

The Dollhouse staff did a great job with the theme!  They weren't familiar with the books or movie before Serah requested her Hunger Games themed party, but they did an amazing job! 

The table was set with Bread from Mellark's Bakery.  They made Nightlock jam and dressing, but assured us it was toned down enough so that no one would be poisoned.  The also served a deliciously seasoned Groosling that tasted suspiciously like baked chicken.  ;)

Serah and her mom, Brianne

They made a special plate for little Lindsay with mini grilled cheese sandwiches and tater tots.  Everyone was treated to Fiery Hunger Games cupcakes for dessert (inspired by Katniss' dress).

After lunch, Serah opened presents and everyone took lots more pictures.  The ladies at The Dollhouse Tearoom really outdid themselves.  It was a wonderful party with lots of great girl time!

Happy birthday, Serah!  You are fabulous!



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