Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Frost Doughnuts - A Local Favorite

One of our favorite local haunts is Frost Doughnuts.  Erik scored a Groupon a few weeks ago, so we saved it until we had a chance to meet up with friends.
Joe, Allie, Erik and I got together over the weekend.  We all piled into my car and headed over to Frost.  They were open, and had a decent selection, even though we arrived late in the day.

Not only were there doughnuts on hand, they were making them fresh while we were there!  They have viewing windows where you can watch your doughnuts being created.

Sadly, Frost was out the guys' favorite (Smoky Bacon Maple Bar), and my favorite (Aztec Chili Chocolate), but we were more than able to find a tasty dozen to satisfy our collective sweet tooth.

Some of our favorites from this trip were:

* Bourbon Caramel Peacan
* Salted Caramel
* Sprinkled Peppermint Old Fashioned
* Pink Vanilla

So yummy!  If you're in Mill Creek, don't miss a stop at Frost!



katf said...

Where is this by in Mill Creek? I'd like to try it!

Amber J said...

It's right across from Central Market. So if you leave Central Market, it's straight ahead on the right. Same parking lot!

katf said...

Thanks! I work in Kenmore and would like to try these donuts.

Amber J said...

They're all yummy! Aztec Chocolate is my fave. Erik loves the Maple Bacon bars. So good!

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