Thursday, January 10, 2013

The "D" is Silent, Hillbilly

We don't go to the movies very often.  In fact, the last time we were in the theater was last summer for Batman.  That's when we saw the first preview for Django.

It didn't look great.  It looked fan-FREAKIN-tastic!  I'm pretty sure we couldn't have been more excited!

Our friends are all big Tarantino fans.  Everyone, of course, had individual plans for Christmas, so we made a date to go see it together around New Year's.

Once we got to the theater, I realized it was "the boys" (Jason, Joe, Alex, Erik) and me.  Hmmm... what does that say about me?  Clearly, it says I have great taste in cinema.  :D

Like I mentioned, we don't go to the theater very often, and I'm pretty particular about movies.  I look at a movie as a two hour opportunity for Hollywood to piss me off.  (Don't get me started on Hunger Games.  Ugh.)  Movies have to be pretty flawless to get my Thumbs Up.

That said, Django was AMAZING.  Top to bottom, amazing.  It immediately took rank among my Top 5 Favorite Movies of All Time.  It's seriously that good.

Christoph Waltz, who flawlessly slips between German, English, French and Italian in Inglorious Basterds, treats us to anther fantastic performance.  He propels this feature from the beginning, wrapping his mouth around all the wordiness that makes up a Tarantino flick; making it sound completely natural all the while.

The relationship between Waltz and Foxx is very much Sensei/Grasshopper in the martial arts tradition.  I won't give away the ending, but knowing Tarantino's background and style, it makes perfect sense.

Amazaing, amazing film.  Do yourself a favor, get to the theater - STAT!  You're going to want to see this one on the big screen.



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