Sunday, January 20, 2013

Strolling Pioneer Square

After our yummy sandwiches at Salumi, we decided to take a stroll around Pioneer Square.  It's been years since Erik and I just walked around this part of the city.

The Smith Tower peeks out from behind these buildings.  It seems very sneaky in this shot.  Like it's following us, but trying to remain inconspicuous.  Veeeeeeery tricky, Smith Tower, very tricky.

The Seattle Fire Department Headquarters building is now a Fire Museum, with lots of antique gear and equipment.  The Chief and his staff still work here, but the current engine and ladder companies 
    have moved to a new, modern building a few blocks away.

I love this alley with its series of fire escapes.  It reminds me of NYC and the neighborhood I stayed in on my first trip to the city.
I find, that in my love of pawn shops, I do a lot of "convincing" friends and family that pawn shops are not the skeevy, dank old spaces of yore.  Erik and I popped into Barney's Loans and were treated to... a skeevy, dank old space of yore.  LOL!  Very old school pawn shop feel.  The one cool thing -- they did have quite a few Masonic, Scottish Rite, and Eastern Star rings.  You don't see a lot of those in suburban pawn shops.

Raccoon street art.

Tour group in a Pioneer Square alley.

Before we had to head back to the car, we hit Fireworks, one of our favorite local stores.  They have a little location in Pioneer Square that we always have to visit before leaving.  Then it was back to the car and off we went!



Caroline Topperman said...

Those cupcakes look awesome! I'm going to be in Seattle soon and I might just have to drop by and do a taste test! I wonder how they stack up to Vancouver's Cupcakes. Too fun!

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