Friday, January 25, 2013

Resolution Numero Dos

I'm not one to just come out with all my New Year's Resolutions at one time.  (The first one was way back here.)  I feel like, if you put it all out there, you're just going to jinx yourself.  So I hold these things a little closer to the vest, until I can really get in there and get them done.

Since my 2nd Resolution is coming along, it's time to share!

2012 New Year's Resolution #2:  Start Exercising Again!!

We started this week.  Monday was Zumba.  Tuesday was an hour long, brisk walk (Erik came along).  Wednesday was Zumba again, and so was Thursday.

Seriously, y'all.  Zumba is kicking my butt.  But I'm not giving up!!  Exercise is a requirement!  At least five days a week for now.

Guess what they don't tell you about working out though?  You get to buy cute new clothes!!  This is my new "Hypotamoose"  (Hahaha, that still makes me laugh!) shirt.  Totally awesome, amiright?  Love it!



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