Monday, January 07, 2013

Lovely Things

My Gramma Wynne's sister, Hazel, was a painter.  She painted all sorts of things, from canvases to decorative plates, to this lovely, little mini-bust.  It always sat on my Gramma's dresser and I never realized until shortly before she passed away, that it was painted in my Gramma's likeness.

Hazel painted her name in gold on the shoulder.  When my Gramma passed away, the mini-bust was one of the cherished things I was able to keep.

The lovely little bust sits with my favorite perfumes on a beautiful mirrored tray that also belonged to Gramma.

I love it!  Such a pretty thing, and even though she's gone, it's still a tangible reminder of Gramma and her style, in my own home, every day.



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