Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Cheesemonger's Table

We were reading about The Cheesemonger's Table in an Everett Herald article a few weeks ago.  It sounded AMAZING!!
Cow Whimsy - moo
I'm a little bit of a cheese freak, and a Macaroni and Cheese connoisseur.  This place promised both!  What more could you want from life? 

Erik ordered this magnificent rueben sandwich.  (The Famous Turkey Reuben - Zoe’s Turkey, Swiss, slaw & thousand island on rye.)

It's served with popcorn!  How odd, you say?  No, no, my friend!  How DELICIOUS!   The popcorn is tossed with Truffle Oil and tastes phenomenal!  YUM.

If you know me, I'm always on the hunt for a decent mac 'n cheese.  So many nights I just need my mac!  But nobody seems to make a good one, and Blue Box is hardly a substitute.

Ahhhh... Cheesemonger's Mac and Cheese (Ethan Stowell’s bronze cut pasta with the Cheesemonger’s special 3-cheese sauce and breadcrumbs)... you did not disappoint!  I have a new, local favorite!  I'd say it's definitely not a "Soul Food" mac 'n cheese.  Definitely fanchy schmancy mac, but oh so so so so very good!  Two thumbs up.

We also wanted to share a Meat and Cheese plate, since this is what they're known for.  A helpful employee asked a few questions when we came through the door to determine what types of cheeses we'd like to try.  We picked the International Cheese Plate - USA version.  

The employee convinced Erik to try a new kind of goat cheese.  (Erik gags on the goat.)  I loved it!!  Erik says it still tasted "goaty" but "less goaty than the goat we had in Paris".  LOL!  I would say it tasted more like a Romano cheese.  Very yummy!

We also tried a rich blue cheese and a white cheddar.  Rounding out the plate was some Finnochiona salami (Yum!  Had this at Salumi too and loved it!  The Finocchiona here was more mellow with less of a bite.), some fig spread and a baguette.
Sneaky Roof Cows
All in all, a REALLY great time.  We can't wait to come back with friends some time soon.  If you're in Edmonds, WA, don't miss The Cheesemonger's Table.



chestnutmocha said...

oh my! the sandwich looks amazing! I love cheese and everything melted with it mmm

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