Saturday, January 05, 2013

Birthday Boy and his Bristle Blocks

Remember Bristle Blocks from the 80s?  They were primary colors - red, blue, yellow and even a few green ones too.  My brother, Joe, had a whole set when we were kids.

We kept going back and forth about what to get our sweet nephew, Javan, for his 2nd birthday.  Then we saw these at Target:

They're super cool Bristle Blocks in contemporary colors.  My sister-in-law, Brianne, was talking about how much she loved "building" toys.  She'd been looking at other types of retro sets on ebay.  These were perfect!  A perfect combo of retro and contemporary!  Neat!

Plus, they've bettered them!  They now have moving and spinning parts!  Too cool!
Rockin' the Spiderman shorts!
Here's the birthday boy after opening his presents.  In true two year old fashion, he did play with the blocks for a few minutes, then had more fun using the bucket as a space helmet.  Hehe.  Such a funny guy.  :)



Carlee, Almost Endearing said...

Oh my gosh! How cute is this!!
Almost Endearing

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