Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Night at the Rock

There's nothing in the world like thin crust, New York pizza.  Nothing.  The closest thing we have in Washington is The Rock - Wood Fired Pizza.  Nice, crispy crust with fresh, yummy toppings.

The Rock is a (mostly) local chain that first opened in Tacoma, WA.  We usually visit the Lynnwood and Mill Creek restaurants.  Tonight, we met our friends Joe and Allie for dinner.

Erik ordered our favorite appetizer:  Brown Sugar Mozz Bread.  Mmmmm!  So weird and so good!  They start with crispy, hand tossed pizza crust.  Brush it with garlic and olive oil.  Then top with romano and mozzarella.  Finally, sprinkle with brown sugar and bake in their brick oven!  It's a strange, sweet and salty, crispy taste.  Love it!

For dinner, we always order the Founders Pie.  Seriously, it's the best thing on the menu.  Don't waste your time with anything else.  If you haven't had a pizza with ricotta cheese yet, your life is not complete.  Get to The Rock and get The Founders Pie - STAT.  So good!  Crispy, creamy, tangy and sweet.  So, so, so, so good!  Trust me on this, I know my pizza.  You need this.

Gorgeous!  Meat and cheese = delicious, melty goodness.  All atop a crispy, perfect crust.  YUM!

We love the ambiance.  It's got a similar feel to the House of Blues, if you're familiar.  That spot under the stairs has a tin roof.  Party lights are strung from the roof up top, and old, classic rock plays over the speakers.  We love it here!



Anonymous said...

That looks delicious! I'm feeling hungry =P

Arrived here from BBN, and now following you. Wish to visit me? =)

Caroline Topperman said...

That looks amazing! I just had breakfast and now I'm hungry all over again!

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