Friday, January 18, 2013

A Trip to the Library

It's so nice to have the week off from work.  Yesterday, Erik and I headed to the library to renew our library cards and browse around.

Two of my favorite things about our library are the coffee house, and the used books for sale in the entry area. Some of my favorite books as a kid came from the used book sale.  

I bought Cheaper By the Dozen for 10 cents when I was a kid.  One of my all time favorite books.  I can still name all 12 kids.  Shall I demonstrate?  :)

  1. Anne, 
  2. Mary
  3. Ernestine
  4. Martha
  5. Lillian
  6. Jane
  7. Frank
  8. Bill
  9. Fred
  10. Dan
  11. Jack
  12. Bob
I can sing the alphabet backwards too.  A woman of many talents.  ;)

I've been wanting start training Rusty in agility, which was one of the main reasons for this trip.  Once I started browsing through the agility books, that seemed a bit much for the moment, so I just picked up a few trick training books instead.

Rusty's a little complicated.  We can't do clicker training with him because of his deafness.  I've tried substituting a pocket flash light for the 'click' sound, but I can't flash the light consistently enough to teach him.  Shoveling treats into his mouth and flashing a quick 'thumbs up' seems to be the most effective method I've found so far.

The library came through for us today.  We left with four new books and lots of new training ideas for Mr. Rusty Roo.  I can't wait to get started!



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