Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Organize and Store It!

Last week was great, organizationally!  I had the week off from work and finally had a chance to sort and store all the Christmas clearance decorations.

Sheila was, clearly, unimpressed with my ribbon stash.  One of my favorite parts of organizing is that it seems to draw the dogs.  They love to stretch out across whatever you're trying to do on the living room floor.  Thanks, puppies!  So helpful!  ;)

On the couch, Rusty dreamt of one day becoming a professional figure skater.  (Or so we imagine.)

But meanwhile, I was sorting and shelving all these great finds for next year.  We have one closet in the house dedicated to Christmas stuff.  Basically, I just pack it from floor to ceiling from January to November.  When the Christmas season rolls around, I drag everything out and go through.  Finding a dedicated spot for Christmas stuff is a great way to keep it out of the way, but handy when you need it.



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