Friday, January 04, 2013

New Glasses!

This kid!  We love her!  This is our little niece, Lindsay modeling her new Converse shoes and glasses.

This is her first pair of glasses.  She told me the sad story of the "mean" eye doctor giving her the news.

She says, "In the doctor's office, they have the sign with the big letters and the little letters.  After I read them, we went into another room.  The doctor turned around and said..."

(Her little voice lowering, dramatically, to an accusatory growl...)

"You.  Need.  Glasses!"

"I was scared," she says.

I ask her why.

"I was afraid... they would call me... four eyes!"

Awwww...  poor kiddo.  I told her Auntie Amber wears glasses too.  (She didn't know because I usually wear contacts.)  I told her Daddy wore glasses when he was a little boy too.  (She didn't know that either!)  We agreed it was so much better to be able to see everything clearly!



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